Wayne Glemser

I also have an Email address at glemser@sbcglobal.net , hope to hear from anyone soon.  I never got the 30 year reunion, I would have loved to be there to see everyone.  Take care and write soon.

Wayne A. Glemser was just honored at the Westin Oaks Hotel and Galleria by the city of Houston and The Citizens for Animal Protection on his 50th Birthday and for all his charitable works that he has done over the past twenty years in Houston.  He has raised $100,000,00 for the Citizens for Animal Protection in the last 12 years. Wayne has four dogs, three cats and three homeless dogs that he continues to care for. He has lived in Houston for the past twenty years and also was honored as one of Houston Ten Elite. He is a Corporate Meeting Planner for Special Events and travels the globe.  He would like to say hello to everyone and is disappointed that he will not be able to join us this year, but would like to extend a Happy Fiftieth to everyone. Ha! Ha!

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